Weekend Get aways: Nice, St.Jean Cap Ferrat and Monte Carlo..evviva la vacanza!

My grandmother Grace is looking down at me and thinking 'Bless her, she can spell'

Can I just say I love Italy? Lately, it seems like we’re always on holiday! Last Wednesday the 7th was Festa di Sant’Ambrogio –  favorite holiday of the Milanese. Offices in Milan close for the day and there are loads of events happening throughout the city with the most famous being the Christmas Market called ‘Oh bej Oh bej’, a street fair around the streets of Sant’Ambrogio. Then the 8th of December is – Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (read carefully: another day off!)

Which of course leaves Friday, now then your not going to go to work for only 1 day now are you? So many people take Friday off, making it 5 full days!!  By the way while I was writing this I found the best site to look at for Milan. The Official Milan Tourism site.  Your laughing at me which I’m totally ok with. (As though you have you ever looked at the tourism site of where you currently live.)

Wednesday afternoon after going to look at our construction site we left the city and went to our place in the South of France where the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful. With such unusually warm weather for December we decided to pack our lunch, our beach mats and hats and spent Thursday as well as Friday at the near by beaches of a gorgeous little town called St Jean Cap Ferrat. Coming back from the beach near the Harbour we found a floating Manger!

Floating Manger

Floating Manger from floating view.

It must have been all the fresh air because by Saturday morning my kids slept in until 9.30.  LUXURY!! (and after having re-read this I would like to say to any mothers-to-be ‘that it is all worth it,every single moment, even though you will never sleep again, ever, in your whole entire life, having children is worth it.)

Saturday we took the car and headed to Nice so the kids could ride their bikes down the long Promenade des Anglais that traces the  Mediterranean Sea.  Again we brought our picnic, our mats, and spent yet another day in 22°c sunny weather, making Nice one of the most popular vacation spots in Europe.

My husband took this for my readers...and I'm not kidding.

Sunday morning, I woke up and drove my car to Monte Carlo  to have a look at the shops. (and pretty soon I have to go because I’m getting a bit bored of writing this now.) Christmas decorations sparkled everywhere making the already sparkly Monte Carlo seem like a film set.  I did my usual tour of my favorite shops:  MC Market – when you want to get treated like dirt by the French and Russian sales women, Chanel and Lanvin – when you want to feel like you’ve done it all wrong in life, AND finally lets not forget ZARA, where you would have to set yourself on fire to get anyone’s attention.(and please do not do this because you will die and no one will notice)

Crisis? What crisis?

What a weekend, picnics on the beach, Christmas Mangers floating in the Harbour of St Jean Cap Ferrat, Nice and Monte Carlo. Tell me where else in the world could you do and see so much in so little time!

About Cassidy_S

My name is Cassidy, I live in Northern Italy with my husband and 2 kids. When I first arrived to Italy the only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to live in this country, a country that is not known for its organization but is more beautiful than you can imagine!
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