Dear Marco Bianchi, thank you for your presentation I’m sure it would have been very informative

Butter is bad for you..really, it is.

..if only you had a bit more time with us. Like say a month or two..

Today I attended a presentation at my daughter’s school given by Marco Bianchi – researcher, scientist, writer, speaker, volunteer, and television star of the program Tesoro, salviamo i ragazzi. (which means Darling let’s save the kids)

The presentation was based on what would have been an incredibly interesting subject: nutrigenomics the study of  how what we are eating can be an important factor to avoiding, fighting or inviting certain sicknesses and more importantly – how it is affecting the health of those little bodies around us.

I say would have been incredibly interesting because unfortunately, our guest speaker who is known for his kindness seemed to have forgotten one very important rule when speaking to a group of 100 mothers.

No questions allowed until the presentation is finished. Period. And if you can avoid them altogether even better. Questions turn into personal tales of woe, which leads to other tales of woe, and entirely other subjects, that lead to: running out of time without having spoken about anything.

I wonder if school presentations are similar in America. Probably so. Maybe not.

After 45 minutes our guest speaker gets around to point number 8 of his presentation (out of 60):  a brief list of things that are not healthy for us and for our children.

Butter (no joke?), meat, (ok we know this too), ready-made snacks , (and this is where we all push our bags with such sinful snacky things way under the tables) he continued flour, milk…

MILK?!! WHAT? I wasn’t expecting milk to be on the list.

Milk is what the tough guys drink where I come from, the cowboys and the NFL football players, I mean who doesn’t know ‘got milk?’ ads.

hold on, I don't get it - milk will not make me like this?

I am quietly thinking this to myself while Mr Bianchi continues to answer questions,.. the weaning of a new-born, someone else’s too thin child..I’m wondering what the rest of the presentation would have been like.

Maybe he still has time. I look at my watch…nope definitely won’t get around to finishing the presentation today.

Milk I think, hmm. So I raise my hand, but then put it down, then put it back up, only to put it back down again. I look at my watch again, his time is almost up I decide that one more question is not going to change things at this point.

‘excuse me did you say MILK??’ and what I’m really hoping is he says something like ‘No, I said silk, silk is really bad for you when  you eat it’ but instead he says ‘yes milk’ and now I feel queasy thinking of the gallons and gallons of milk I make my kids drink! (or maybe I’m queasy because I’m allergic to the carrot almond bread we were given before and now my face is going to swell up like a basketball and my eyes will pop out and then finally Mr.Marco Bianchi will have a chance to talk, so he can jump up on the table and start to scream ‘This is what will happen to you if you drink milk!! and all the time it was his carrot almond bread that did it.)


Marco Bianchi and I after his presentation

The bell rings –  it’s time to go.  He smiles, and then tells me to keep drinking milk.

I don’t blame him.

About Cassidy_S

My name is Cassidy, I live in Northern Italy with my husband and 2 kids. When I first arrived to Italy the only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to live in this country, a country that is not known for its organization but is more beautiful than you can imagine!
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