South of France and the quiet hum of the bulldozers

My week at a glance…

Monday was a very sad day for 2 reasons, one because S-Man had to go back to work in Milan, leaving me to fend for myself with the kids. (not really because I still had Mary) The second reason because shortly after his 7am departure I woke up to a gigantic jack hammer smashing through the floor in my bedroom. At least that’s what it sounded and felt like. Upon investigation I discovered that our neighbors are actually drilling a hole to China in their back yard! Further Investigation

Upon  further investigation I found out that our neighbors actually sold their back yard and there is now a house being built-in that very same place! Which means that we will spend the next 2 months going to sleep to the quiet chirping of crickets, and woken up to a sound that is similar to having a tin wash basin on your head while under a thunder-storm of large stones.  A very sad day.

Tuesday got worse and mostly because I gave Mary 10 days of vacation, thus leaving me to really fend for myself with the kids.

Wednesday my daughters young piano teacher, Ellen, arrived to stay with us for 10 days. We drove to Ventimiglia to pick her up, me trying to act like June Cleaver the entire time and giving my best mom of the year act. It’s only when we start to talk about my daughters passion for the piano that I realize: I forgot to pick up the electric piano before leaving Milan.

Thursday Nonno drove his Audi Q7 from Turin. Nonno is 87 years old and had I known I would have definitely told you, and I promise the next time he does this I will post it so you can all stay safely at home.

Friday S-Man came back, exhausted after a grueling work week..but really happy to be back..I decide not to say anything about the giant jack hammer that will be in our bedroom Saturday morning.. hoping that maybe, just maybe, he won’t notice.

About Cassidy_S

My name is Cassidy, I live in Northern Italy with my husband and 2 kids. When I first arrived to Italy the only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to live in this country, a country that is not known for its organization but is more beautiful than you can imagine!
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