My new favorite place in Milan to have a drink, dinner and..

Recently, we went to celebrate the birthday of a good friend of ours. The place she decided to have her little shin dig is a place that I thought I knew very well. N’ombra de  vin is located in the heart of the trendy Brera area, in piazza San Marco. The tiny space upstairs consists of a bar and probably 6 or 7 tables. N’ombrade vin is difficult to miss, mostly because of the large number of people who pour out into the streets no matter what time of the year it is.

love N'ombre de vin

Me and my friend Gio.

What I didn’t know is that downstairs there is a large low lit dining room, with the only decor being the bottles and bottles of wine that line the walls. By the time we arrive the place is jam-packed inside and out upstairs and down. We have to give our name to the doorman before permitted downstairs. We head to the back of the room to a large square wood table, that is full off salame, proscuitto crudo, cheeses, black olives, and 2 ice buckets full of champagne. There is live music, followed by a dj. I eat moscardini in umido, (octopus in a spicy tomato sauce) which is delicious. Once we are finished eating our table is cleared to make room to dance..on the table.

S-man doesn’t seemed to surprised when I climb up on top of the table with knee-length pencil leather skirt,…nor does he seem to surprised the next morning when I tell him ‘voglio morire’ (which is I want to die) as the alarm clock goes off like every day Monday through Friday,

love N'ombra de vin..

love N’ombra de vin..

at 6.45am..

Just the same, my new favorite place is N’ombra de vin. Book the big square table in the back if you plan on dancing.

About Cassidy_S

My name is Cassidy, I live in Northern Italy with my husband and 2 kids. When I first arrived to Italy the only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to live in this country, a country that is not known for its organization but is more beautiful than you can imagine!
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  1. 76sanfermo says:

    Non so come, mi ero persa i tuoi due ultimi post ,vedo che sei indaffaratissima….
    Ciao, buon…..divertimento, e buon tutto!

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