Where to shop high fashion vintage in Milan

Recently, we went to have a hamburger at the very cool Deus Cafe- a concept/motorcycle/bicycle slash restaurant. After eating our hamburgers, buying t-shirts, and looking at motorcycles my kids and I found a hidden away RETRO STORE! That’s right, upstairs from Deus there is a store called- Retro. We go in and I feel like a kid in a candy store, Yves Saint Laurent, Celine, Versace, Armani  every name in fashion history, beautifully hanging on hangers, just begging to be tried on. (this is what I tell S-man when he later comes up after an hour wondering where the hell I am) I have my arms full when I realize this store is missing something. That’s when it dawns on me that it is indeed missing a salesperson..or any person for that matter. I feel a bit out of sorts going into the dressing room to try on things without asking anyone so I walk around the store and say “C’e qualcuno?” which means ‘anybody here?’

There is not.

I look down at the things in my arms, walk to the other angle of the store and try again. “C’e qualcuno?” A youngish man with short cropped black hair and a goatee comes out of nowhere. He shoots an irritated glance at the terror twins who are happily dancing in front of a very large full length mirror, then he looks at me and says “Dimmi.” and this means ‘tell me’, only it’s  sort of rude way of speaking to.. let’s say – a potential client. In Italy you have to use Lei – the formal you when speaking to a person you are not familiar with. I don’t make a big deal out of it, Sales man has a giant black earring holding the lobe of his ear open to form a hole, torn skinny jeans a t-shirt and a leather vest. I ask him “posso provare?” which means can I try these things on. He looks at me and with a loud sigh points to the dressing room. I go in with my both of my kids right behind me. I change into the first dress as my kids make funny faces in the mirrors, poke at my bottom and take pictures of me in my underwear with my Iphone. I choose a beautiful dress and come out of the dressing room with my kids in tow.

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Sales man is reading a magazine near the cash register. I look through bags, hats, and belts making a point to sneak back when S-man is not around. I decide to take a few pictures for my blog, when Sales man approaches me with a tight grin on his face that reads “what the hell are doing?”  So I say ‘posso fare due foto per il mio blog?’ and that’s when Sales man gets all nice and friendly and says excitedly ‘ahhhh!! hai un blog!!!? MA CHE BELLO!!’ he screeches. (which means you have a blog? how wonderful!!) Now he’s my friend and he starts to ask  a lot of questions like what kind of blog, how many readers, how many follower’s- and now I’m sorry I even said anything so I say ‘Beh, non è un blog di fashion, parlo della mia vita in Italia e …’ and that means ‘its not really about fashion, it’s about my life as a foreigner in Italy..and..’ I don’t get to finish. Sales man has already rolled his eyes, turned on his heels and gone back to reading his magazine. My husband comes in just in time to pay for my vintage dress, Sales man doesn’t say a word to us as we leave..and all of a sudden I wonder if he is somehow related to my Italian neighbors – blonde woman and small blonde woman, that have the clothing shop in front of my house..

Deus Cafe – via Thaon di Revel 3, Milan, IT. 02 8343 9230

Retro’Vintage -Beautifully kept vintage clothing and accessories at very honest prices.

Via Thaon de Revel, 3 Milan. Phone 02 89059604 http://www.retro-shopping.com

About Cassidy_S

My name is Cassidy, I live in Northern Italy with my husband and 2 kids. When I first arrived to Italy the only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to live in this country, a country that is not known for its organization but is more beautiful than you can imagine!
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5 Responses to Where to shop high fashion vintage in Milan

  1. 76sanfermo says:

    Thanks for the address!
    I’ll try this place ,possibly disregarding the antipatico…..
    Women,only, I guess…..

  2. Expat Eye says:

    Oh man, sounds like Latvian customer service. It’s like they’re doing you a favour just by (half)doing their jobs! Thanks for the like on my post! Linda.

  3. barbedwords says:

    Customer service in Italy is hilarious – the cashiers at my local supermarket in Rome enjoy flinging eggs, peaches and anything vaguely breakable down the conveyer belt at top speed and take it as a personal insult if I ask them to slow down a tad!

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