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The French Doctor Deal

This week has flown by. There were courses to sign the kids up for, beach house reparations to be done and me who ended up getting sick. Well a sore throat and sort of feverish, anyway. I don’t usually get … Continue reading

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Bike gone missing part 2

After a long lazy weekend I had all but forgotten about bike gone missing. Truth be said the very next day I was already smiling and saying Good morning to Portinaia like any other morning. Which is why this morning … Continue reading

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Bike gone missing

I have been busy lately. Very busy. In the last 5 days I have been to an awesome lunch in Monferrato, (Piedmont area – 2 hours from Milan) stayed the night at a great bed and breakfast in the town … Continue reading

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Where to shop high fashion vintage in Milan

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Recently, we went to have a hamburger at the very cool Deus Cafe- a concept/motorcycle/bicycle slash restaurant. After eating our hamburgers, buying t-shirts, and looking at motorcycles my kids and I found a hidden away RETRO STORE! That’s right, upstairs … Continue reading

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Have it your way..

Today is the 1st of May, otherwise known as Labour Day. The kids are off from school, S-man from work. We get to sleep in and relax, I need it. I am eating a bagel when S-man wakes up and … Continue reading

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My French neighbors..

I am dreaming. I am dreaming that I am at our beach house in the South of France. That my mom is here visiting from America.  I am dreaming that the alarm of the womans house in front of ours … Continue reading

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Paas and Easter, back to our roots.

Our special guest has brought a bag full of goodies for the kids all the way from America. One of the most important being cheddar cheese goldfish crackers. Grandma tells the kids that these were my favorite and I swear … Continue reading

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My new favorite place in Milan to have a drink, dinner and..

Recently, we went to celebrate the birthday of a good friend of ours. The place she decided to have her little shin dig is a place that I thought I knew very well. N’ombra de  vin is located in the … Continue reading

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The Valium try outs

I am quite sure that Dr.G. thought I was joking about that whole Valium thing, and I was at first. But then I had this great idea to go and look up Lasik surgery on Google. Well,.. let me just … Continue reading

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Letter’s to my Italian doctor..

I wake up this morning and I send this email, (full translation follows for my non Italian readers.) Buongiorno Dott. G.,(and that is not his real name of course, but for privacy purpose’s that’s what we will call him) In … Continue reading

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