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Weekends away – Monferrato for the Medieval Festival

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This past weekend after our tour de force of children’s’ sports days, shows and yes Saturday was also the end of the year school party, we decided we needed a break from it all. As in fresh air and wide … Continue reading

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Why being first in line is really only a matter of opinion.

This is not a blog about kids, I do not want to be constantly writing about kids, just as I do not want to be constantly reading about kids, and nor do I want to always be talking about kids. … Continue reading

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How to avoid sfiga when visiting Italy..(bad luck)

Shortly after writing The beauty of Milan found in a parking space about learning how to see the positive side of things when you finally find parking space after like an hour and it’s right in front of a this … Continue reading

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Melting in Milan and thinking about my blogger nomination..

The thing about Milan is, it’s not exactly your child friendly city. Yes, there are many places you can take your kids however, it’s nothing like where I grew up. In Milan, you need to be organized, (book ahead) clever, … Continue reading

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My weekly appointment with Attila the Hun

Mondays are my days to get my hair blow dried by Sara, the hairstylist who runs the Salon in my gym. She is not my real hair dresser, but for just 10 euro I can flippity flop out of the … Continue reading

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Easter and family..lot’s and lot’s of family

After more than 10 years of living in Italy I know what to expect on holidays, especially holidays like Easter or Christmas:  lot’s and lot’s of family. (ahem, my husbands’ that is) Like every Easter we pack up our car … Continue reading

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Tangled balloon strings in my bicicletta, fruit vendor to the rescue!

This morning after I did my usual round as the mommy taxi, I came home grabbed my bike and shot off towards a meeting for work. I was only 5 meters from my doorstep when my bike started making a … Continue reading

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