Milan Design Week, better than ever

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Every year about this time Milan becomes host for hundreds of thousands of people from all angles of the design world to get a taste of – not only the biggest International Furniture Fair in the world, but what is … Continue reading

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My French neighbors..

IWGI am dreaming. I am dreaming that I am at our beach house in the South of France. That my mom is here visiting from America.  I am dreaming that the alarm of the womans house in front of ours keeps going off at every freaking hour of the dead night, every night. Dozing in and out of sleep I wonder when the sirens in my dream will finally stop. I open my eyes and see the white walls of our small room at our beach house. I am not dreaming. I come out of my room and sit down at the breakfast table,  Mariebeth brings my gigantic cup of steaming coffee and puts it before me. The shutters have all been opened and I look out over our pool. I finish my coffee and go to the house phone and dial the local police.

I start with ‘Bonjour, parlez vous un petit peu  d ‘Anglais?’ which means ‘Good morning, do you speak a bit of English?’

The Police woman on the other end says ‘No Madame, désolé.’ which means ‘No madam, I’m sorry.’ I sigh knowing my French is just plain bad – and that’s on good days, but I am left with no choice.

I start ..’Bon. Moi je suis Madame Grace, j’habit ici a Cap Ferrat e moi j’ai un grande problème, parce que tout le fois je vien ici je ne peux pas dormir. Parce que d’avant mon maison il n’y a un madame completament fou avec un system di protection pour sa maison comme la Louvre, ma il n’ya pas La Louvre, e nous sommes pas a Paris!’

Translation –  ‘ I am Mrs.Grace and I live here in Cap Ferrat and I have a very big problem because every time I come here I can not sleep. Because in front of my house there is a crazy woman who has installed an alarm system in her home that is nothing shy of what they have at the freaking Louvre!! Except it is not the Louvre and we are not in Paris!’

I’m on a roll I don’t stop.

“Je telefonez la derniere fois a vous, e vous n’avez pas faire rien. Maintenant moi je vais alla maison du Madame e moi j’enervez beaucoup parce che a tout l’heures il sont “MEE MAW MEE MAW ROO ROO ROO BEEP BEEP BEEP!!” Vous comprende? ” a dix heure, a minuit, alle trois heures,  MEE MAW MEE MAW ROO ROO ROO BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!” I’m delirious from lack of sleep and I totally do not care that I am making alarm noises to the woman on the other end, I finish with  “I KENNEDY ILS ‘ONT PAS  un system d’alarme comme sa, vous compris…..?”

Translation – I called you last time and you have done nothing. Now I will have to go over to the house of this woman and become very upset because at all hours of the night I hear – (MEE MAW MEE MAW ROO ROO ROO BEEP BEEP). Do you understand? at 10pm at midnight at 3am (I make more alarm sounds) then I say ‘not even the Kennedy’s had an alarm system like this do you understand what I’m saying?’

The lady on the other end says she understands perfectly and she will send someone immediately, then she says to me..

“try to get some rest.”  and she says this.. in perfect English.

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My Neighbors..

A while back I wrote a post called Italian Neighbors, writing it made me  realize that no matter where we go my neighbors always give me an amazing inspiration!

Enjoy and thank you for being here.


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Paas and Easter, back to our roots.

Our special guest has brought a bag full of goodies for the kids all the way from America. One of the most important being cheddar cheese goldfish crackers. Grandma tells the kids that these were my favorite and I swear to you I was never allowed to eat these when I was a kid, but I don’t say anything and mainly that’s because my kids are looking at me like I am the luckiest person on the face of this earth.

Grandma has also brought with her a box of Paas Easter egg decorations. The flat box with the invisible crayon inside brings memories flooding back. My little boy says ‘Io non voglio colorare le uove’ and this means ‘I don’t want to color the eggs’ I reassure him that it will be lots of fun. I go to the store and buy a dozen eggs..worried about what on earth we are going to do with 12 hardboiled eggs. I look at my mom and her face is telling me we should buy more. ‘Mom, I think 12 is enough.’ Okay she says.
We get home and boil the eggs and pull out our Paas kit, one for my daughter and one for my son. 1 egg gets broken on the way home from the supermarket and 2 boiling in the water. We have 9 good eggs to work with. My kids are fascinated by everything that comes out of this little box, from the little colored pills to the little wire utensil meant to lift the eggs in and out of the brightly colored water. Even my little boy take his place quite seriously on a chair. Eggs are dipped, colored and stickered so fast I don’t have time to find my camera. My daughter says “Grandma are there more?” I look at her sweet little face, at how much fun everyone is having and I realize with dismay, I am the Scrooge of the Paas Egg decorating extravaganza! Bad, bad mom. “There are no more eggs to decorate honey, we can buy some more tomorrow.” I say wondering about the psychological damage I am causing them with this little stunt.

Later at dinner I ask my 4-year-old what his favorite part of the day was, and without skipping a beat he says ‘To do eggs mommy’ and with this I realize that I may as well just set myself on fire, the damage is done. Only 2 measly eggs to decorate a head. The shame of it all.

Before falling asleep I smile thinking of the day, but still I wonder, how on earth did I ever get so far away from home..

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Our special visitor from America

At 6.30am my alarm goes off. Only a few minutes earlier than it usually does. I get up, make my coffee (which is really espresso in what Italians call a mocha maker) and turn on the Ipad to read the newspaper. I have to be at the train station to pick up my mom at 8am, she is flying in on Delta: Denver – New York – Milan, then taking the train to the city. Quite the international traveller she’s become..
My emails automatically download while I am waiting for the newspaper to download, a never ending process of downloading.. I have a quick look at my mail. Then I see it. An email from my mom. She wont be waiting for me at the train station this morning, because she missed her plane.. and do not ask me how, but this is my mom. Tomorrow she will arrive to stay for one month. One full month, the kids are over the roof with excitement,and I am happy to have her here. Even S-man is happy, but then maybe that’s because I haven’t yet told him how long she is staying..

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My week at a glance, luck and me

Monday started out with me stepping into a very large dog mess, and I know that is a very ungraceful thing to write about and I can assure you it is even more ungraceful to step in, but that’s how my week started off, with me stepping in dog doo at exactly 8.35 on a Monday morning. The good thing is I live in Italy, which basically means that I had just stepped in good luck. (I’m not kidding Italians have told me this since I very first day I got to this country) Looking down at my brown boot it’s not the first thing that comes to mind. Then I notice not far ahead is a very large puddle. Tuesday my boss leaves for the Bahama’s for vacation, leaving me to do what I do best. Pretend to be the boss. Things run smoothly all week. I am too tired to go out for dinner on Tuesday night though, and at the last minute I get a call and our dinner gets canceled. Lucky. Wednesday I call my one of my biggest prospective clients, again, after she has already told me she is not interested and ask her if I can come and do a presentation. She says no. She has already seen it, I showed her before, she is not interested. Then she calls me back and says yes. Thursday I go to my presentation and after only 7 months of being back to work, I manage to make our prospective client, our client. Very Lucky. I walk out feeling on top of the world, I call my husband and ask him if I can invite him for a drink.

Later while we are drinking prosecco (which is an Italian sparkling white wine) I am excitedly telling my husband about my day, he listens to me carefully, letting me bask in my glory and celebrating with me..
I look at him and think my luck started long before Monday..

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My new favorite place to eat in Milan



Last night we went out to eat to at one of my new favorite spots in Milan- Wicky’s Wicuisine Seafood Restuarant, known for super sushi fusion chef who opened it Wicky Pryan. A place where you will not find bottles of soy sauce on the tables,..a place where you might not find a table punto.(and this means period)

We go with 2 other couples and happily sit at the bar, taking our plates in our hands and moving our stools to form our ‘area’ around the bar. The mood is light, the weather is hinting of spring, we eat the most incredible mouth watering combinations of sushi ever. My new favorite place for sushi is
Wicky’s.. where sushi takes on a whole new meaning.
Best to book ahead! WICKY’S WICUISINE SEAFOOD – Via San Calocero, 3 – 20123 Milano info@wicuisine.itWicky's Milan

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Ore 13.25 Dentista


I’m in Milan, sitting in a comfortable recliner awaiting my dentist..aiuto!

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I’m back and I’m full of surprises

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That’s mostly because anyone would be full of surprises if you didn’t hear from them in 3 weeks. That was the longest runner I’ve ever gone on.. without writing that is. Actually I knew it was going to be hard. … Continue reading

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Once, just once…

Once, just once..I would like to come back here and see that finally, someone else has done a little bit of the work..

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