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Bike gone missing part 2

After a long lazy weekend I had all but forgotten about bike gone missing. Truth be said the very next day I was already smiling and saying Good morning to Portinaia like any other morning. Which is why this morning … Continue reading

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Bike gone missing

I have been busy lately. Very busy. In the last 5 days I have been to an awesome lunch in Monferrato, (Piedmont area – 2 hours from Milan) stayed the night at a great bed and breakfast in the town … Continue reading

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Where to shop high fashion vintage in Milan

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Recently, we went to have a hamburger at the very cool Deus Cafe- a concept/motorcycle/bicycle slash restaurant. After eating our hamburgers, buying t-shirts, and looking at motorcycles my kids and I found a hidden away RETRO STORE! That’s right, upstairs … Continue reading

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Have it your way..

Today is the 1st of May, otherwise known as Labour Day. The kids are off from school, S-man from work. We get to sleep in and relax, I need it. I am eating a bagel when S-man wakes up and … Continue reading

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Italian neighbors

When I first arrived in Italy I had a lot to learn about my hosting country. The do’s the dont’s and the your better off if you look the other way type of stuff. Many things made perfect sense and … Continue reading

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No Attila this Monday, I’m done, I’m through, addio, arrivederci..

Actually the truth is Attila canceled me today, sort of. The thing is I called her to ask if I she found my Attila Fidelity Card from the last time I was there and she was like really busy, way … Continue reading

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20 days without Internet and a home phone, the winner is..

Only 20 short days I am back online again! Thank you Telecom, now quick someone call the Italian better business bureau and tell them we have this years winner! (If you are noticing a note of irritation about my NON … Continue reading

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