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We are in Corsica.. for the next 10 days. Beautiful, wonderful Corsica..

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The truth about E..

E  has been part of my life since I was small, I don’t exactly remember when we first met but I know E has been around from about the time that I first started to have feelings. When I was … Continue reading

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My Italian child.

I have 2 kids, ages 4 and 6. My daughter who is the 6-year-old has been to America more times than most of the adults I know. She has been to New York, Colorado, Oregon, and down the entire coast … Continue reading

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My weekly appointment with Attila the Hun

Mondays are my days to get my hair blow dried by Sara, the hairstylist who runs the Salon in my gym. She is not my real hair dresser, but for just 10 euro I can flippity flop out of the … Continue reading

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Finding parking in this city can often be quite a task, the narrow streets are usually jam packed with cars parked bumper to bumper. (and sometimes they are parked on your bumper) I’m with my daughter and we are going … Continue reading

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Making the move from big city life to the Monferrato wine country

10 days after our return from our weekend spent in the scenic hills of the Monferrato countryside a girlfriend of mine calls to tell me that they are thinking about moving out of the city. She tells me they are … Continue reading

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Weekends away: The Monferrato countryside in Northern Italy

This past weekend we headed to the beautiful countryside in Northern Italy known as ‘Monferrato’. This incredible area with its rolling hills and never-ending rows of vineyards is just as famous for it’s red wines as it is for the … Continue reading

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Hidden treasures just steps away from the Duomo

Last night, we went to a party at a fantastic place called The Ralph. I felt like I stepped out of Milan and into New York for the evening. It was the birthday party of a very good friend of … Continue reading

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