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14 reasons not to become a blogger..what WordPress doesn’t tell you..

1.) You have to learn blogging etiquette. (ie; read other people’s blogs just because they read yours, leave nice messages, even become a follower of fellow bloggers..) 2.) You have difficulties living real life moments because you are already thinking … Continue reading

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My weekly appointment with Attila the Hun

Mondays are my days to get my hair blow dried by Sara, the hairstylist who runs the Salon in my gym. She is not my real hair dresser, but for just 10 euro I can flippity flop out of the … Continue reading

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I’m away for a long weekend in the South of France, please call back

I realize that I’ve made jokes about blogging light, light blogging ecc. but 5 days no posts is a bit much even for me! However the reason for this is obvious. I’m on vacation. The Italians say ‘un weekend lungo’ … Continue reading

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My Monday

6.40 wake up 7.00 wake up kids 7.10 wake up kids 7.20 dress and feed kids while still asleep (them not me) 7.55 out the door with kid #1 8.05 pick up another kid on the way to school 8.30 … Continue reading

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Life love and Leonardo D.

When I first came to Italy I was completely smitten by absolutely everything in this country. The Duomo, La Scala, Il Cenacolo, the people and the history. Even paying 5 dollars for an apple at a beautiful open air market … Continue reading

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