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Have it your way..

Today is the 1st of May, otherwise known as Labour Day. The kids are off from school, S-man from work. We get to sleep in and relax, I need it. I am eating a bagel when S-man wakes up and … Continue reading

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Our special visitor from America

At 6.30am my alarm goes off. Only a few minutes earlier than it usually does. I get up, make my coffee (which is really espresso in what Italians call a mocha maker) and turn on the Ipad to read the … Continue reading

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Falling from Grace.

I’m freezing. I mean I am really freezing. For some reason the heater in our showroom wasn’t working today and so now here I am in my house, 5 hours later, freezing. I have worked for the past 15 days … Continue reading

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The Joy of Christmas

Having Christmas on the 21st turned out not so bad after all, it just meant a bit more organization than usual and well – running also helped. As in, really running. As in me running down the street where I … Continue reading

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The heart breaking news from Connecticut

This morning I woke up to this… and it’s funny how a little bit of snow can make everything look so beautiful, so perfect.. even in a world where 20 young lives have been taken by an evil so dark. … Continue reading

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Brutto, bruttissimo..our new swim class.

Recently, I enrolled my son in an afternoon swim class which is not only closer to my house, but happens to costs less than half the price of where I used to take him. The day of our swim trial, … Continue reading

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Weekends in Milan

Weekends in Milan are about as much fun as having sand in your underpants. We have just spent the last 2 weekends in Milan and I can assure you for someone who lives in this city it’s 2 weekends too … Continue reading

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When twinkle twinkle little star is not an option..

Our 2 kids go to 2 different schools in 2 different parts of the city, with drop off and pick up hours at the exact same time. No I do not know what I did to deserve this, but basically … Continue reading

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Emails of love and Ben 10

I have a huge admiration for the multi-tasking parents that seem to some how find time to do everything: to parent, to work, to blog, to dedicate happy time to their spouse, and even go to the gym for heavens … Continue reading

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My morning routine..

I have been down graded in my hotel. My own doing of course. Having 2 bedrooms while my mother is in the hospital hardly makes sense. Although, now I am in a room that I did not reserve ahead of … Continue reading

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