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The French Doctor Deal

This week has flown by. There were courses to sign the kids up for, beach house reparations to be done and me who ended up getting sick. Well a sore throat and sort of feverish, anyway. I don’t usually get … Continue reading

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Bike gone missing part 2

After a long lazy weekend I had all but forgotten about bike gone missing. Truth be said the very next day I was already smiling and saying Good morning to Portinaia like any other morning. Which is why this morning … Continue reading

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The truth about E..

E  has been part of my life since I was small, I don’t exactly remember when we first met but I know E has been around from about the time that I first started to have feelings. When I was … Continue reading

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Italian neighbors

When I first arrived in Italy I had a lot to learn about my hosting country. The do’s the dont’s and the your better off if you look the other way type of stuff. Many things made perfect sense and … Continue reading

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