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Weekends in Milan: Art Galleries

Never in our lives have we ever spent so many weekends in the city. Never in our lives have we ever seen so much rain! Today was no different, but I decide we are going to go and see art … Continue reading

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Spring is here and Milano is at it’s best..

After a very long winter here in the big city we are finally starting to get what is known as Spring, and with flowers in full bloom Milan turns into the wonderful city of aperitivo and going out. Women all … Continue reading

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Weekends in Milan

Weekends in Milan are about as much fun as having sand in your underpants. We have just spent the last 2 weekends in Milan and I can assure you for someone who lives in this city it’s 2 weekends too … Continue reading

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Weekends in Northern Italy: in search of Tartufo Bianco

One of the luxury’s about living in Northern Italy is how close you are to absolutely everything, making weekend getaways not only easy but practically routine, where a Sunday afternoon drive to the countryside for lunch is not unusual. Especially … Continue reading

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Weekends Away: Touring Turin

This weekend we packed up the kids and the kids – kids, (lion, teddy, baby duck and tiger, who by the way do not have car seats.) and we headed to Turin to go see ‘il nonno’. That’s ‘The grandpa’, … Continue reading

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Rainy days in Milan

I like to think of rainy weekends in Milan as time to catch up on the little stuff, time to dedicate to all of the things I just don’t get around to doing during the week. When I know we … Continue reading

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