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We are in Corsica.. for the next 10 days. Beautiful, wonderful Corsica..

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The French Doctor Deal

This week has flown by. There were courses to sign the kids up for, beach house reparations to be done and me who ended up getting sick. Well a sore throat and sort of feverish, anyway. I don’t usually get … Continue reading

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Dear readers, I have just arrived to the South of France . The French Riviera. The Côte d’Azur. The one and only place in all of Europe where you can find Prince’s and P.Diddy all on one boat. I am … Continue reading

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I’m back and I’m full of surprises

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That’s mostly because anyone would be full of surprises if you didn’t hear from them in 3 weeks. That was the longest runner I’ve ever gone on.. without writing that is. Actually I knew it was going to be hard. … Continue reading

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Nice – St.Tropez – St.Jean Cap Ferrat – Milan..back to reality

After 3 long months of vacation (school vacation that is) it is finally time to pack our things and head back to Milan. Not an easy task as this is the best time of the year to be on the … Continue reading

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A turn for the worse

The hotel where we are staying has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom a living room and a small kitchen. We leave the light on in the bathroom so my mom can find her way to it during the night. She wakes … Continue reading

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Milan – Atlanta. A look into my private life.

When I created this blog WordPress told me I had to choose a topic. I looked long and hard at the list of topics and I immediately realized I could not possibly choose only one, because I have so much … Continue reading

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Day to day life in the beautiful Engadine Valley in Switzerland..

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Dear readers, I know what your thinking, you’re wondering where the hell have you been? Well, your right, I mean what kind of blog is this after all?  That’s what I would be asking me if I were you. Your … Continue reading

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Sarò in viaggio….(I’m away from my desk at the moment, please call back)

Dear readers, I am temporarily un-available as I cart my family (2 kids) around from country to country, 3 countries to be precise: France, then Italy, with final stop in Switzerland. Back in a couple of days. Thank you for … Continue reading

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French Riviera – Peace and quiet again.

Well one thing is for sure, they definitely know how to keep a promise in these parts. As of Monday the 2nd, we have not heard a single sound from the construction sites that surround us. Cranes and bulldozers remain … Continue reading

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