Day to day life in the beautiful Engadine Valley in Switzerland..

Dear readers,

I know what your thinking, you’re wondering where the hell have you been? Well, your right, I mean what kind of blog is this after all?  That’s what I would be asking me if I were you. Your right. (Although, I like to think of it as blogging light) Anyway, I’m sorry. I will never do it again. (until next time..) As punishment I am going to give away my favorite handbag..which just happens to be my daughters. As a real punishment I am going to tape my eyes open while I watch Baby Einstein video’s for 24 hours straight. Never mind I’ve already done that.

The thing is I’m in the mountains. Not just any mountains, but the breathtaking mountains of the Engadine Valley, in Switzerland. (better known as St. Moritz,) and there is a lot to do here. (By the way these mountains are almost as pretty as the place where I grew up,)  The amount of activities one can do is endless, especially for children. There is hiking,lake lobster fishing,(I swear) mountain biking, tennis, swimming, horse back riding, and let’s not forget the Piruet playground in Celerina, a simple playground where 2 ice creams and a coffee will cost you the mere sum of 18 swiss francs, but is a favorite among mothers of all nations once they have completed all of the above.

Out all day and in bed by 8pm. (Me, not my kids.) So you see, I haven’t had soo much free time. But I have thought about you. Everyday. Really. Sort of. In fact I even prepared a few pictures for you.

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About Cassidy_S

My name is Cassidy, I live in Northern Italy with my husband and 2 kids. When I first arrived to Italy the only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to live in this country, a country that is not known for its organization but is more beautiful than you can imagine!
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